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Aciclovir is a synthetic nucleoside analog prescribed for managing the symptoms of infections caused by varicella and herpes zoster, such as pain. It also promotes faster healing of blisters and sores in such patients. Aciclovir can sometimes be prescribed for preventing outbreaks of genital herpes, for which it usually needs to be taken from two to five times a day for up to a year. Although Aciclovir will stop the spread of the virus and help your immune system regain control, it will not cure the infection. Aciclovir is available at doses of 200 mg, 400 mg and 800 mg. When you buy Aciclovir online, you should know the exact dose you need, because you will be probably buying in bulk to get a discount. An online pharmacy can offer advantageous deals on drugs like Aciclovir, so whenever you buy from there, you get a chance to treat the problem you have without spending too much money. Many people appreciate this opportunity, as more and more of them buy Aciclovir from international and UK pharmacies, enjoying fast deliveries and generous discounts. Aciclovir should improve your symptoms after a few days of regular use. If this does not happen, make sure you call your doctor. This medicine should be taken during the entire period of the treatment, even if there is an improvement in your symptoms or they disappear. Try to keep to the same treatment routine when you take Aciclovir for the medicine to stay at the same level in your bloodstream and for the treatment to go exactly as planned.

Side effects

Upset stomach, tiredness, joint pain, hair loss, diarrhea and dizziness are some of the minor side effects Aciclovir may cause in some patients. There is no need to worry about those and contact your doctor if they go away soon on their own without interfering with your everyday life in any way. Should you develop hives, fast heartbeat, pale skin, stomach pain or difficulty breathing, make sure you contact your doctor or a local emergency center for assistance.

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